Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Defibrillator Up!

I had this post in draft state for too long, as EMM has beaten me to the punch. Nevertheless, I thought I'd add a bit more about our newest Racing President.

Taft, as most of us know, began the presidential tradition of throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season. This is a fine tradition and JJV will not be surprised when I write that the only President not to do this at least once is Jimmy Carter.

It's all too easy to make weight-related jokes at the expense of the 300-pound Chief Executive and his possible performance as a Racing President. So here goes!

  • He'll be the only racing president with a normal-sized head and enormous body. Or maybe the Nats should just get Roger Clemons to do it. Hey-o!
  • I'll bet these guys would run faster if Taft showed up at Miller Park unannounced.

Hamilton possibly apocryphal trivia: In the basement of the Admissions Office, formerly Elihu Root's house, is (supposedly) a giant bathtub used (supposedly) by Taft.

Onward to Opening Day!


EMM said...

My skinny little nosh of a post has been crushed by a robust photo and fact laden buffet!

I tip my Curly W Cap to you my friend!

Dave S. said...

No crushing intended! Your post inspired me to get off my duff and post something myself. Let that be a lesson to all on the masthead...