Friday, February 22, 2013

One Ring to be the Master of the House

It's pretty well known in these parts that I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. Perhaps lesser known is my appreciation of Les Miserables, although as someone who has experienced the soundtrack, book and live presentation in that order, you can go ahead and skip the middle one unless 1) you eventually want to learn about the Paris sewers IN DETAIL or 2) you think editors are completely unnecessary for anything or 3) you think France has a population larger than about one dozen.

Imagine my reaction, then, to this rendition of Fantine's showstopper "I Dreamed a Dream" by one Monsieur Smeagol, sent my way by reliable source Powaqattsi:

Imagine it indeed. I give the performer full marks for committing to the performance, but I am uncertain when I will stop hearing this in my head. If he had covered "Stars" Russell Crowe would feel like he had put in a decent day's work.

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Reed Pugh said...

Absolutely precious.