Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow Job

Last weekend's massive snowstorm, which despite its great massiveness completely missed our area and embittered the children further, was assigned the name Nemo. This was not the first winter storm to be named, but the name's association in most people's minds with the Disney clownfish drew additional attention to the fact that we are now naming winter storms. Which, and I want to get this out here in front, is LAME.

Turns out that the naming of storms, which most people (though not necessarily the "most people" cited above) would assume would be the purview of the National Weather Service or some such, is being perpetrated by the Weather Channel, most likely in a bid to draw more eyeballs thither. Harumph. Harumph, I say!

Here is how to refer to winter storms; you may want to print this out and retain for your records in case the power goes during Blizzard Goofy dammit!

  • Massive storms (lots of snow, high winds) may be referred to by year (Blizzard of '77, Blizzard of '96) or by the nearest holiday (2003 Presidents' Day Storm). In a pinch, Snowmageddon may be used although that's kind of a restricted-use situation ("WHICH Snowmageddon?!").
  • Anything smaller is "that time it snowed a fair bit" or "Arlington schools are opening two hours late for THIS?!"
  • That is all.

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