Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whose Your Daddy?

Now there are scams, and then their are scams. 

What is the world coming to when a polo tycoon can not adopt his hot blond girl friend?  The one percent gets no breaks in Obama's America.  But wait!  Has the Massachusetts Supreme Court weighed in?  I mean marriage between a man and a women is invidiously discriminatory there.  If marriage is not for procreation and to attach men to the children they sire, whose to say adoption should exclude romance? 

The best part of the story is that he got drunk, killed someone and entered this whole scam to avoid judgment.  That she wears a cross on the stand is the also killer.  "He makes me feel like a child, so warm and protected.  Who doubts our love?"  OK I made that up.

And, I know Dave will add, some lawyer helped in all this.    Which goes to prove the punch line of a very famous joke is true.  "There are some things the rats won't do."

And a final thought....have you ever read a story about a polo player that did not involve illicit sex, and creepy displays of wealth?  It looks like a fun game and Churchill played but oh the company you keep!


LAM said...

Marriage is for procreation? Idiotic, fyi.

jjv said...

Yea, LAM that is why its called the "marital act." I guess its been thousands of years of idiots and 50 years of genius's who can't reproduce themselves.

How's the weather upstate?

Dave S. said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that procreation precedes the concept of marriage. Call me crazy. Banning sex outside of religion-approved marriage is a great way for a religion to compel obedience.

Also, whose what your daddy?

LAM said...


LAM said...

Oh, and warm, finally.