Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Baseball!!!!!

Opening Day!!!!  It is hard to believe that the day has come and gone.  October 2012 feels just like yesterday...I don't think six months have ever gone by so quickly.

There were no April Fools' Day jokes at Nationals Park yesterday.  It felt so good to be back at the Ballpark with 45,000+ other hooky playing fans.  We lucked out with a warm day, (mostly) sunny skies and a win.  1 down, 161 to go. 

Blah, blah, blah, it would have been nice to have more hits and a few more runs.  But you only need to win by one and we won by two, thanks to Bryce Harper and his two dingers hit back to back out of the park.  Our 2-0 victory would also not have been possible without Stephen Strasbug's 7 speedy shut-out innings...he was on fire.

My plan for the day was to participate in "the three Bs"...Botox (yeah, I get it), Brunch (who doesn't like a good Bloody Mary?) and Baseball (even the Communists play).  To some this may seem a bit odd, but for me, it was a perfect day off. 

I'm going on the record to say that I don't like our 5th Racing President.  Taft is not tubby enough.  If it were up to me, he'd be round and miss all races because he's at the concession stands or out in the neighborhood frequenting the new bars/restaurants that will open this Spring/Summer. 

At the 7th Inning Stretch, Aha's "Take On Me" was played.  I'm on the fence, only because it is a ridiculously difficult song to sing.  Strange how it became our battle anthem last year... it did however match the goofiness of Michael Morse who had it as his walk-up song.  Should the song have been traded with him?  Who knows.  It is fun to hear how badly/wonderfully the song is sung especially since most people don't know the lyrics.

My next home game is April 10th...I'll be in my regular seats looking out for odd people and happenings to report on.

Welcome back Wilson Ramos!!! 

Go Nats!

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JCC said...

Other than about 30-40 minutes of drizzle it was a perfect day at the park. I got there early and caught the last home run hit in batting practice (fun note: the Marlins are so cheap they are using recycled baseballs from last year - they had official MLB "2012 Marlins Park Inaugural Season" stamps on them). We sat in section 116 and had a great vantage to see Harper's two bombs, Strasburg's dominance and a classic 7-2-3-4-2 double play. And with the game over in just 2:10, I was home before 4:30. Great day at the ballpark :)