Sunday, July 07, 2013

Because Whole Foods is Too Expensive

Eventually, when I have time to figure out all the details, I'm going to go off-grid (it's the only way I'm going to finish my manifesto). It will be a real challenge to manage this in the heart of DC, but thanks to the dedicated people at FallingFruit, another piece of the puzzle is in place. Founded by a pair of locavores from San Francisco, the site has meticulously plotted the location of hundreds of trees with edible fruit or leaves in several cities, including DC.1

OK, it's going to be hard to make my own maple syrup from the sugar maples on the Hill, and linden flower tea doesn't interest me in the slightest (those two account for something like 90% of the trees mapped), but foraging among the several cherry and crabapple trees within a few blocks of my house should help stave off scurvy. It seems they haven't mapped the black walnut trees, though, which I find odd.

I'm going to have a big problem checking for updates on the Internet, though, if I'm off-grid.

1 Sorry Virginians, no free fruit for you.

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