Saturday, May 03, 2014

Colin Firth: Man of Time

The only time (heh) I read TIME magazine is when I am visiting Mom. As circumstances would have it, I am in fact at Mom's, and so this morning I of course checked out TIME's 100 Most Influential Etc. Because I was eating breakfast (also breathing and registering a pulse) I skipped Karl Rove's paean to the Koch Brothers but happened to see, tucked away in a corner, an entry on Benedict Cumberbatch by Colin Firth.

I'll give the lady readers a moment to re-focus.


Anyway, do read it, it is fantastic, but ladies, it may leave you CONFLICTED.

I actually looked at the issue under that one and, lo and behold, there was a Q & A with Colin Firth.


With a full-length photo.


It's also worth a read, but have your fans ready: there is a reference to That Shirt.

Based on this evidence Colin Firth is TIME's Man of the Hour and Possibly Our Overlord. We could do worse.

1 comment:

EMM said...

He really is a very good actor and should have won the Oscar for A Single Man.

The collective "we" also swoon over him in Love Actually.

Thank you. I'll be returning to my fainting couch with the vapors. Mr. Darcy, oh my!