Wednesday, April 16, 2014

He's Still Keith Hernandez

Via Awful Announcing we have learned that July 5 is Seinfeld Night at the Mets' farm team in Brooklyn. Presumably the Keith Hernandez bobblehead (click through if you don't believe me) only bobbles back and to the left. Quoting the site in full, because excerpting would not do it justice, here's what they have in store:
  • MCU Park will known as Vandelay Industries Park for one night only.
  • Mailmen in uniform get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch ("Hello Newman!")
  • Anyone who has a business card indicating that they are in fact a "Latex Salesman" will also receive a free ticket to the game.  If we call the number and it's some apartment on the Upper East Side, you won't qualify for the freebie. 
  • Fans can visit the information table for an "airing of grievances."
  • Closest to the pin / whale's blow hole competition ("Is that a Titleist?")
  • The foul poles will be known as Festivus Poles.
  • "Low-Talking" PA Announcer.
  • Elaine Dancing Contest
  • Everyone Runs the Bases Post-game...but anyone named Jerry gets a head start (Take that Duncan Meyer).
  • Game of "Risk" on the Concourse
  • Cereal eating contests
  • Anyone named George Costanza will be allowed to join our radio broadcast as a color analyst for an inning
  • Players in puffy shirts for batting practice.
This makes me want to re-grow my beard, buy a handmade vintage bike and head north!

The original piece in which the above was referenced is a great example of "I'm Keith Hernandez..." The woman actually looks a bit like Elaine Benes.

And, because "The Boyfriend" is still one of the greatest things I have ever seen on TV, I have to throw this is in as well:

OK, OK, fine, one more, if you insist:

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