Thursday, July 10, 2014

Drink. Discuss. Repeat (though not necessarily in that order).

The masthead (and possibly the readership; both show scant evidence of existence) boasts a fair number of hopheads so I thought this ranking of American IPAs would be of interest. I have had about half of the IPAs mentioned and can attest to the quality of the Racer 5 (for which I believe I have CRH to thank for introducing to me). Bell's Two-Hearted (thanks JWT!) is an admitted omission, Brooklyn IPA is also quite good, and I would have placed the Dogfish Head much higher but perhaps the unsampled beers are that much better.As Saruman would say, "We have work to do."

As always, when enjoying a craft beer, raise a toast to History's Greatest Monster for deregulating the brewing industry and making all of this possible. On a (literally) related note, I was delighted to learn recently, via cleaning out my mother's basement, that Billy Beer was produced by (among others) what became the Matt Brewing Company, whose fine products Laura, CRH, and Mrs. JJV will soon be sampling in their native environment. Circle of Life, baby!


Anonymous said...

I'm missing all top 3, I'll have to see if I can find them around here.


JCC said...

Not a hophead ... but I'm quite well versed in cola drinks!

jjv said...

You realize he is no longer history's greatest monster?

Gotta keep up Dave!

Dave S. said...

JJV, you're my contact in the VWRC. I expect you to keep me apprised of developments in the fever swamp!