Thursday, July 10, 2014

And You Want to Be My A-League Farm Team...

Following up on an earlier post, Seinfeld Night didn't turn out so well for the home team, which turned in a Brazil-like performance to lose 18-2 to the Aberdeen Iron Birds (formerly the Utica Blue Sox, whose Irsay-esque spiriting away to northeast Maryland* is the only black mark** on the otherwise sainted*** Cal Ripken).

In related news, NBC had a backup plan in case Hernandez failed to produce. That would have been a good show in and of itself as opposed to one of the greatest hours of television ever broadcast.

*The only true part of that is the move. It was all above-board, Cal built an awesome park for the team plus miniature ballparks for his affiliated Little League teams whose beneficence Bryan has experienced first hand we love you Cal!

**Cheerfully withdrawn.

***Guy's a total saint.

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