Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Priest Who Knew How To Priest.

I came across this Telegraph obituary of a rather unusual priest. A man who charged from horseback, wielding a sword, and prayed for the return of the Holy Roman Empire has to be somewhat of a rarity among clergy of our time. Throne and Altar is not popular in the U.S. either, or much in Europe anymore it appears. I'm reading my sons the Three Musketeers, however, and he surely would fit comfortably in with that particular Court! Burke famously wrote of the death by Revolutionary murder of Marie Antoinette that if chivalry lived in that age in France as it had in the past "10,000 swords" would have flown clear before allowing such a travesty. In 20th and a little bit 21st century France, one last sword remained.

UPDATE 8/29: Hi, Dave S. here. I read the obit via other means and immediately fixed the link so that others might learn about this character.


Dave S. said...

How about a link for that last sword?

jjv said...

Tried linking to it but some problem: