Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Decade of Potpourri

Ten years ago today I launched this blog/mission/quest/thing with a modest first post. Obviously things have slowed somewhat and I find myself in the odd position of thanking JJV for posting something, anything, well almost anything.

 The kids are growing, the layout cries for attention, and my social media feed is full of much the same kind of hate and foolishness swirling its way around the rim of the blogosphere in 2005. Although there are also cat videos. Now, of course, we have Twitter and Facebook and God knows what other means of getting on my lawn, which by the way really needs another reseeding.

So, Happy Birthday to the blog! Plus, it's almost rutabaga time.


JCC said...

Congratulations to all and sundry! Rutabagas all around!

Unknown said...

I did not know it was 10 years. I will now post an ode to the future.