Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gun toting Republican Woman to Replace Economically Illiterate Democrat on the Twenty Dollar bill

The millionaiws and Billionaiws can rejoice!  The original enemy of the big banks will soon be dethroned from the twenty dollar bill.

A woman who thought Lincoln might not be Republican enough will replace him.


JCC said...

Given what the Civil War version of the Democratic Party was, I don't blame Ms. Tubman at all if she identified as a Republican in the 19th Century. I used to be a Republican, too, until the party collectively lost its mind. To be intellectually honest, any implicit chiding the modern Democratic Party for things that happened in the 19th Century would have to acknowledge that the current version of the Republican Party is vying to stand in their footsteps with their attempts to hide their "Southern Strategy" under a genteel mantra of "states rights."

Unknown said...

This is nonsense. The "southern strategy" was an acknowledgement that once Jim Crow was slain, law and order, equality before the law and a strong military would pull southerners away from the Democratic Party. Democrats never stopped being a party of racial preference they just changed the races they wanted the Government to prefer.

Just last week kamala harris was slapped down in California for trying to do the same thing Democratic ag's tried to do to civil rights groups--get their doner lists so thugs could go after them.

Also, very broad minded of you not to blame Tubman for being a Republican. She no doubt feels affirmed by her betters.

John C. said...

Rebecca, I was a Republican in the 70's and halfway through the 80's; I'm all on board with law and order, equality before the law and a strong military. I just don't define "equality before the law" as "equal ability to be exactly who I say you ought to be." If the Republican Party had stayed that way before they decided to sell out to those interested in patrolling other people's bedrooms and personal lives I likely would have remained longer. Although I think ultimately the racist dog whistles, fiscal insanity and anti-science no-nothingism would have driven me out regardless. Those are what finally got to my brother, a Catholic and 30 year veteran of our armed forces. After he retired I was the only one in my immediate family working for the military - until my nephew enlisted.

Fair callout on my use of the word "blame" though - a better wording would have been "hardly surprised." Indeed, given the mid-19th Century version of the parties, I'd have been astonished if she was anything else. As you so adroitly pointed out, Ms. Tubman hardly needs my approval.