Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Battle of Indiana Is Not Yet Lost-Reject Vichy Republicanism

I note the dolorous position of most elected Republicans.  Seeing disaster in Trump they refuse to join Cruz--and thus confirm the belief of conservatives of what the Establishment is.  Now they begin to crumble in the face of the weakest frontrunner in the history of polling.

Even if Indiana goes badly Trump will not have what he needs and can be stopped in Ronald Reagan's (and unfortunately Dick Nixon's) California.  If we are not to be saddled with the most liberal Republican--and most ethically challenged--since Nixon, it is time to rally behind a disliked throwback who will not quit but knows the disaster of surrender to temporarily superior force.

Viva La Republic!


JCC said...

Ted Cruz is out; the #stoptrump movement is collapsing. Now the question is - what is a principled conservative to do? One friend of mine is as old school small c conservative as you can get; he loathes Hillary Clinton. And yet he believes that Trump is worse:

Unknown said...

Gary Johnson is looking better and better, as long as I don't have to hang out with Stoners.

Dave S. said...

What exactly do conservatives object to about Clinton? She loves Wall Street, she is willing to bomb places. What gives?