Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Show Your Work

Last week a frequent reader and occasional commenter observed that my "cite please" shtick in the comments to my last piece was a bit rich coming from the author of a post lacking cites. As he is a friend and especially because he was buying the beer (thanks!) I felt obliged to respond. My weak sauce justification (which I described exactly that way) was that I wrote and published the piece using my phone, making the copying of links marginally more difficult and therefore, in my mind, optional. 

Quick aside as I write this: the app I used to write the last post and this paragraph 1) does not appear to have any way to incorporate links into text (I did the one above via the full size website on my phone and it was a PITA) 2) is no longer available as an app, which tells me I should get another blogging app if I am to continue my mobile blogging ways, as I do find it useful to incorporate links within the text as God intended and not as unsightly URLs dropped willy-nilly into the general vicinity.

For my immediate purposes, however, I will ask for some reader participation, thus:

1) I will identify an area in the previous post that might be considered cite-deficient.

2) I will suggest search terms that should yield sufficient results to illustrate the area. (I did in fact check them and they seem sufficient; your browser may also suggest similar search yearns as you type.)

Ready? Let's begin.

First paragraph: Indiana GOP primary results, NeverTrump movement, Trump GOP meeting, Clinton Sanders vote totals.

Last paragraph: Ted Cruz hatred.

Everything between ranges from an invitation to a thought experiment, to expressions of personal opinion, to rhetorical questions. As such they do not require citation of an outside source. Indeed, there is no outside source, as they come from myself.

I hope this sauce is a bit stronger. Thanks again for the beer!

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