Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It appears that Indiana Republicans ignored JJV's call to the barricades or the beaches or wherever they were to resist Trump manfully until the, shall we say, last trump. Now we get to watch the ring-kissing and "well he's the nominee so what can ya do", aided and abetted by the horse race-dependent media because after all Both Sides Do It.

As always in such matters it is a useful exercise to replace (R) with (D) and imagine what the Party of Lincoln would say were Trump to be the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. If that were the case I'd cash in the kids' 529s and invest in clutchable pearls and fainting couches.

I truly believe that in a healthy, functioning civil society, we would not have arrived at this point. However, we must play the hand we are dealt (or, more accurately,  deal to ourselves as a country), and at this point, the most bitter anti-Hillary, pro-GOP partisan (I think I know someone like that) needs to answer this question:

Is Donald Trump fit to be president?

Or, perhaps more specifically, is Donald Trump more fit to be president than Hillary Clinton?

Personally that does not rise to the level of "legitimate question" but YMMV.

No rush on this; you have until early November.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: given what has come to pass, it is incomprehensible to me how Ted Cruz clearly is so truly, deeply, madly loathed, more than enough to deny him the nomination. You have to work very hard to be so very hated.


Bob C. said...

Party of Lincoln? More like Party of Jackson.

JCC said...

I thought that P.J. O'Rourke said it well from his perspective while astonishing himself and everyone else by endorsing Hillary Clinton: "she's the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she's WAY behind in second place. She's wrong about absolutely everything, but she's wrong within normal parameters ... [Trump] just can't be President. They've got this button; he's going to find it."

I used to consider myself a Republican before the party lost its mind. If those remaining fall in line behind Trump they will have lost their souls, too.

Dave S. said...

I've seen "Party of Calhoun" as well which is pretty accurate, although they are definitely toeing the Jacksonian line on internal improvements.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Party of Sanctuary Cities where Federal law does not apply, and racial spoils doled out by law ought to hurl Party of Calhoun so lightly.Also, the party that works so hard to demonstrate one group of human lives are not constitutionally protected ought to go easy on Calhounism charges.

I also note that Hillary is in jeopardy of being federally barred from holding any office of the United States if indicted under the current investigation. She is also unfit for the Presidency. But she would not destroy the conservative movement. It would be good if Bernie ran making the world safe for a right wing run as well. In a four way race all bets are off.

Dave S. said...

As I read that I automatically added "Cite please" at the end of each sentence. On the other hand I always appreciate pure frontier gibberish, and I'm especially glad these children were here to witness it. Rahr'm.

smrty.mrty said...

Republicans seem to like to invoke Party of Lincoln, but Lincoln quashed states rights in favor of federalism to save the country. So, not really.

P.S. Love your "invest[ing] in clutchable pearls and fainting couches." Great writing!

Anonymous said...

Cite please? 300 cities ignoring federal law on illegals? Affirmative Action and "all lives matter" being hate speach? the unborn getting less protection than a snail darter? cite please? Simply ridiculous. Lincoln did not quash state rights. In fact, other than his powers as commander in chief you will note that slavery existed in every loyal state until the amendment of the Constitution. Slavery existed longer in the Union than in the Confederacy precisely because only rebellion and the designation of contraband allowed its abolition without an amendment.

Also, you folks are voting for a congenital liar who ruins all she touches. If Trump were your nominee you would all vote for him lockstep. The Left is wholly imitative of Marxism and dissent within it is intolerable. There is no intellectual resistance to the Grand Dam of Wall Street on the Left as there is to Trumpism on the Right. That is because the Left is about power without responsibility and the Right is about Constitutional Liberty as historically understood.

Dave S. said...

Cites please.

PS - "Lithium is no longer available on credit"

JCC said...

you folks are voting for a congenital liar who ruins all she touches.

Donald isn't going to like it that you are calling him "she."

Your image of the two political parties is interesting, given that the right is folding to Trump and on the left there is still an insurgent candidate. Oh, but I guess resistance from the left isn't "intellectual" resistance. Hm. Interesting.

I don't know about your comparison between the unborn and the snail darter, but I'll point out that women have Constitutional rights.

And your presupposition that anyone who isn't voting for Trump is voting in lockstep by reflex, not by thought, is presumptuous. Speaking solely for myself, I've voted for third party candidates in Presidential elections before and I'm open to doing it again.

jwefam said...

Some of us will resort to writing in a gdi candidate, such as, my cat.