Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Hot Takes: Brexit!

I am drinking beer and watching baseball, so what better time to comment on British politics? Plus, I know next to nothing about British/EU politics, so it's a wonder I'm not being interviewed by some cable channel.

Based on the limited information at hand (i.e. what I have read/skimmed/glimpsed), Brexit seems to be a world-historical own goal fueled at least in part by the UK's equivalent of our Trump demographic. As such it has some utility as a warning to us to vote, and take it seriously, and realize that it's not like shopping. If you can't find something just right (which btw never happens in politics) pick the least worst item and head for the cashier.

To go back to the UK. I have heard the un-shocking report from JJV that he sang "Rule Britannia" several times etc. upon hearing the news. He should sing it while he can. From what I understand the vote has re-energized the Scottish independence vote and there have been rumblings from Belfast about whether they want to be Northern Ireland or just northern Ireland.

At least JJV can sleep well knowing Gibraltar voted to leave the EU. Ha ha, just kidding, the Rock's vote to Remain was 96%. Will this paroxysm of British nationalism result in a realm whose borders would be generally familiar to the current monarch's royal namesake? El Penon de Gibraltar has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly don't think Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage are Trump. Second, the technocratic elite's reflexive resort to unaccountable, unreachable bureaucrats that they insulate from the popular will drove this vote and is driving what's left of Trump. If Trump were a referendum rather than the man he is he would win for similar reasons. We shall see about the Scots but I certainly can't believe you would not say that Ireland whole and Britain free at the same time would be a bad outcome. What are you French?

Dave S. said...

Farage seems close enough from what I have seen. The response to your other sentences is, as per usual, no.

A unified Ireland would be a wonderful outcome but not from the point of view of a British nationalist, correct?

Anonymous said...

I'm a free man for free people, not a British nationlist, nor are most who voted for Brexit. Lots of British patriots though.