Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Deep Thoughts

Last Friday I was in the august company of JJV, CRH and the reader/commenter last seen in my "Show Your Work" post. We had what the Soviets used to describe as a frank exchange of views. ("Their differences resolved, both parties retired to the Lubyanka basement...") Half of us were hoping for a Hillary indictment, while half of us thought the other half was f*cking nuts. (Hmm, maybe that was 100%.) There was the usual speculation about Trump's motives and status. I am sad to report that the beer and service were not up to the conversation's standards of quality.

Fortunately we were able to have a rousing discussion of dreadnoughts, battle cruisers and the post-WWI naval disarmament treaties, so the evening wasn't a total loss.

Trivia time! Where is the only surviving dreadnought battleship moored? (Hint for discussion participants: I was wrong.)

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