Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tuesday Superficiality: More of the Same, from Trump and Myself

The most charitable explanation for the latest verbal extrusion from the legitimately nominated (irrespective of how many Republicans actually voted for him) Republican candidate is that he was joking about Hillary Clinton being thwarted politically by way of getting shot. Tell you what: make that same public "joke" and have that explanation ready for the earpieced suit-and-shades folks who pay you a visit. No, please, you go first this time.

Strictly speaking this should not move the needle on the outrage meter, as it should have fused itself to the right side of the apparatus months ago. But stay tuned for the next round of principled denunciations and combination disavowal/endorsements from the erstwhile Howard Bakers of the GOP, and ask yourself, "So is that what it takes to get disqualified? Everything prior is acceptable discourse and behavior?"

That we have come this far down such a road is a poor reflection on, in ascending order, our level of civic engagement, our national political media, and, at the very pinnacle of this towering edifice of suck, the Republican Party as it is currently constituted.


Anonymous said...

Like a typical New York liberal, he thinks gun owners are are crazy survivalists a bad hair day away from a rampage.

That tweet pretty much sums it up. As jonah goldberg wrote today all they seem to care about is losing. Except for Cruz, Sasse etc... Once again though almost everything Trump says that is nutso is because he believes what the NYT writes about conservatives.

On the other hand he has fewer prominent Taliban supporters than Hillary does.

Dave S. said...

I will assume this is JJV responding, and congratulate him on a comment that is perfect in its incoherence. Honestly, what the fuck does any of this mean?

A major party candidate AT MINIMUM made a joke about the assassination of his opponent. Are you OK with that?

Write a post instead of this; this kind of light should not hide under the bushel of the comments section.

Bob C. said...

"Donald J. Trump. Republican candidate for President of the United States." I love saying that out loud, slowly. The way Mel Blanc would say, "Wile E. Coyote. Soooper Geeenius."

John C. said...

Trump is clearly leading the pack in dictator/strongman endorsements, though. Putin really wants him in power. Which is why I'm half expecting him to fabricate something that looks like an email that says something truly unforgiveable (attributed to HRC, of course) and get his pal Assange to post it as a Wikileak. Preferably just about a week to ten days before Election Day to allow maximum outrage press from Fox News (etc) but not enough time to run down the threads and debunk it.