Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hell Announces Its Latest Middle Management Hires

Islam Karimov died just before this past weekend. To date he is the worst person with whom I have ever shaken hands, but at least I got to keep all my fingers, and unboiled into the bargain. Would that he had accorded the same to the country and people he lorded over for a quarter century.

Phyllis Schlafly also has died. I was in the same room with her once when she spoke at Hamilton. I do not regret not shaking her hand, not that the opportunity arose. She sued a brewery run by her nephew to try and get her surname off of their products; her son, taking time off from curating the performance art tour de force that is Conservapedia to provide legal representation, asserted that "alcohol has a connotation that is the opposite of conservative values." That butthead's for you, JJV.

May they be granted the kind of rest they sought for others in this life.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Phyllis fought against the Left's moral equivalence in life and now gets it in death. A totalitarian apparatchic and a women who spent a life supporting the people's resistance to apparats. She almost single handedly tanked the cultural marxism of the ERA. Leftists have asserted their agenda through other means but they don't have the Constitution on their side largely because of her. After a brief time in purgatory for Trump support she will be with our Lord as a faithful Catholic and anti-Communist when it mattered.

She gave America a Choice Not an Echo and the serried ranks of pinkos will never forgive her for it.