Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Benevolent Blog Tyranny in Action

After my scuttling of a recent submission of his, JJV thought that this item surely would not pass muster on these premises. Far from it. In fact, I welcome the opportunity to post sex advice from Tucker Carlson, mostly because I never thought I would have the opportunity to draw attention to same. Not that I think that is a good idea, but it's late and no one watches his show anyway so what's the harm? (Actually I suspect JJV may be the sole inhabitant of the set of people who watch Tucker Carlson and read this blog.)


Mike said...

Tucker who?

Dave S. said...

Actually I heard him referred to as "Dick" once so I am also unsure.

Anonymous said...

Actually, even I don't watch Tucker Carlson, I found the exchange at Lucianne. Thus the niche of Potpourri readers and Carlson watchers remains unfilled.


Dave S. said...

Sex advice from Tucker Carlson via Lucianne Goldberg. Now that's even better.

As for the niche, a little spackle ought to take care of that.