Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Setting Sons: Variety Pack

JJV reports on the passing of a variety of characters rather loosely connected but worthy of note:

1) Alright, he's not from the British Empire but just like Sgt. York and Davy Crockett he's from Tennessee. Only thing is he objected to violence so would not carry a gun. Look what he did unarmed in WW II. Let me repeat, unfreak'n armed. Who's that other crusader who famously will not carry a gun? By day he's Bruce Wayne...

[Ed. note - Well, if he carried a gun it would have taken him twice as long, now wouldn't it.]

2) A fighting Frenchman. That is not a typo, but mostly he did it with the RAF. Still, an obstreperous trouble maker to the last.

3) This fellow came in after the big one. Still definitely saw a lot of the Empire and, like Indiana Jones, never insulted the natives by failing to eat the food presented. God Save the Queen! Faithful Ecuadorean manservants all 'round!

4) OK, this man has a tenuous connection to the usual theme by virtue of having directed Tora! Tora! Tora! but he deserves mention nonetheless.

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