Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dave Owes Scooter an Apology

Mr. Slattery, usually immune to moonbattery, has returned numerous times on this blog to the Lefty conspiracy theory that the White House leaked the name Valerie Plame to Robert Novak in order to destroy Joe Wilson and his "I sipped tea with the Niger chaps and they seemed not to be selling uranium to Iraq" story.

In fact, he took time out of his busy schedule with his family to serenade the publicity seeking Wilson: (In fact, that link ought to be changed as no white house staffers leaked the story).

I do not want to go into the actual substance of Joe Wilson, Niger and Saddam, but a key point of the theory (that had Wilson saying he wanted Karl Rove "frogmarched" out of the White House to jail) has just been debunked by Michael (I'm not titillated by this Monica Story I Have to Report) Isikoff and David Corn (of the Nation, 'nuff said).

Richard Armitage, is a weight lifting, bald headed, non-neocon, flunky of Colin Powell (and has an impressive resume judging by wiki). It was he, not Libby, not Rove, who told Novak the minor tale of Joe Wilson's minor tail. Armitage did not know it was some big secret and apparently had no malice in revealing it. Why he stayed silent while all this went on is beyond me.

The key piece of the conspiracy theory has now fallen apart. David Corn, chief popularizer of the theory has revealed it. Now will Mr. Slattery apologize for his many ill-advised sallies on this topic? A big man would.


Anonymous said...

Armitage may not be a neo-con, but he's hardly a Powell flunky. He was part of the PNAC group in the late 1990s, and was very definitely hawkish on war with Iraq in 2002-2003. He apparently disagreed with the implementation of the war, but that in no way disqualifies him from participation in an operation to discredit Administration critics.

And Libby is guilty of blowing a covert agent's cover, whether or not another Administration tool was leaking the same information. The whole point of the outrage, in fact, is that multiple people in the Administration decided at the same time to put her identity out into the public sphere.

jjv said...

I believe Joe Wilson put out that she was a covert agent at one point to the Left. What is becoming more and more apparent is that Joe Wilson is the source of much of the information people complain about. Moreover, I don't see why the CIA should be able to wage war against the administration and not expect them to respond with the truth. A true Macheivelle would have sent her to Afghanistan and then blown her cover.

Good point about Armitage. He was on the PNAC letter in 1988 but then, Clinton was aboard for regime change in Iraq so I guess its a bi-partisan policy goal and all these Lamonters whining about it are more fringe than I thought.