Monday, January 07, 2008

Giuliani, Frum and the Republican Nomination

David Frum, one of the more innovative conservative voices out there, and a big backer of Rudy Giuliani published this note of mine at his spot on NRO. His article on how Giuliani wends his way to the Republican nomination prompted the missive.

I think that as Hillary fades (from my lips to God's ears) so too will Rudy. Even I would flinch (flinch not balk) before pulling the Republican lever over Obama if Rudy was the nominee. He is a mean man with the family life of a Borgia.

The only thing that gives me pause, besides the fact that I'm sure he would kill our enemies without remorse, is that he did make NY livable when most people called in "ungovernable." The problem is this country is not anywhere near the shape NY was in in 1992. The Republicans can win against Obama with McCain, and perhaps Thompson. The country does not need a man with Giuliani's martinet instincts, home life, shady associates as President. The Republican Party does not need a pro-abortion, pro-gun seizure, pro-illegal immigration leader. Moreover, if the electorate is looking to avoid "partisanship" by which they mean conflict, Giuliani will lose. Anyway, I thought it pretty big of David Frum to publish my analysis even against his guy and you can see it by clicking on the title.

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