Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not Really Liveblogging the Primary Results

I may scribble a little bit about the primaries later but I was amused by an NBC News update we saw while eagerly awaiting the results of the "who gets voted off the deli" section of Biggest Loser. Brian Williams signed off with "We'll be back when we know anything," which in a world where words have meaning would have meant a lengthy absence. However, Tim Russert's head bobbed menacingly nearby as the off-duty Macy's balloon handlers struggled with the guide ropes, so viewers of Law and Order with the Brian Billick Lookalike (or is it just me?) should be forewarned.

Update: With the NH results a "too close to call" situation between Clinton (yes, she has a surname) and Obama, now might be a good time to review Jon Swift's explanation of the remarkable predictive qualities of the Iowa caucuses for Democrats here.

Update 2: Looks like Clinton has won NH on the Dem side, with McCain winning the GOP primary. Time to sit back and wait for JJV to wax triumphant in his own particular idiom.

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jjv said...

I wish I could add to DAve's Post but the technology does not allow it, so jump over the post on the Giants fan and see my take.