Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dale Carnegie v. George S. Patton

One of my fundamental dissapointments with Dave's blog is how few of our friends comment here. Periodically, we meet for some game or other that involves trade and/or conquest. One of us, and you know who you are, uses only so much military might and war as necessary to survive until his economy overwhelms his poor bargainer opponents. Another one, in almost all of these games, has the economic savy of the guy who went all in on 8 track tapes in 1982, but exacts horrible damage upon his foes despite possessing the physical plant of Albania. This is the difference of the two statement's after victory. One, "You did a good job, made a nice trade, and almost had me there joje." and the other, "I sensed weakness."

This has been the Romney/ McCain divide. The link here brilliantly dissects the two world views leading to the two strategies. I have remarked many times how Romney does not seem to wish to crush his enemies utterly. Others, always complain McCain seems violent and angry, only they say it like it was a bad thing.

The Republican Party is an amalgam of the two views. Looking at Hillary and Obama, Boudica and Adlai, perhaps its true of the Democrats as well.

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