Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Female Shaped Biped in Every Port!

The New Frontier. How I miss it. When there are this many girls after you, nothing but warp speed will do. I did not see Joan Collins in this montage, a critical abscence. What I would like to see is a you tube with a montage to the tune of "A little bit of Monica...." but with Kirk's girls exchanged for all of those names.

"A little bit Miramani when my memory's gone, a little bit of Marlena when I'm an evil captain, a little bit of Edith in the Great depression, a little bit of Shahna teaching gamblers a lesson." etc..

That is why Al Gore created the internets.

Update: Joan is in there. Also, there is a series of you tubes on the result of all these liasons. Ends badly but funny on the way:

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