Monday, February 04, 2008

Giants Beat Patriots

Mr. Perfect knows defeat. Sure he can go back to fathering illigitimate children and dating super models, but insufferable Boston will not have a Superbowl to add to a World Series ring. They were stopped by the New York Giants in one for he ages. How Eli got out of that sure sack to find a reciever I do not know.

Providence. Oh sorry, that's in New England. Must have been Pleasantville.


J. said...

Un-[unprintable word]-believable. I hope Gisele enjoyed her red wine.

Two words: David Tyree. Two more words: De Fense. What an effort by Strahan and the boys. They should have gotten a joint MVP.

And speaking of MVP, that was one Giant leap for a Manning.

What a game, what a game. As you wrote, one for the ages.

Anonymous said...

You mortals can't stop dicking with perfection, and the result is never good. First, there was Eden, then you killed Christ, and now it's the '07 Patriots. Bill Belichick's wrath will be swift and without mercy.


Dave S. said...

Some would interpret that as blaming the Jews for the Patriots' loss in the Super Bowl. Well, at least it will drive site traffic up.