Saturday, February 02, 2008

McCain Isn't Crazy, But He is A Carrier.

I have a simple rule in voting for any office. Who, of the choices presented, has personally killed the most Communists, and if given the chance would kill more? When I have found this guy I vote for him. If no commie killers are available, or they have repented of Commie killing, I look at lesser factors, like effect on the GDP or views on the Constitution.

This year my choice was clear. John McCain not only killed the most Communists, did more than any other candidate to bring down the Soviet Empire but also maintains a salubrius animosity to hippies and the French. I picked him early and have not waivered.

You would not know it from reading this blog, but I am generally thought to be a pretty conservative guy. It might not even be accurate to call me a conservative. In the Soviet Union of yore and in law school I was sometimes called a "counter-revolutionary" and I think that is closer to the mark. So I am absolutely mystified at the animosity on the Right to John McCain. I can understand dislike. I can understand choosing other candidates in the primary. I can't understand throwing the election to Hillary or Obama because you are miffed with our current campaign finance laws.

Tonight Ann Coulter said she would campaign for Hillary if McCain is the nominee. Not since the last Bette Davis, Joan Crawford movie has such a pairing been possible. This is insanity, and since I met Ann before she was famous I will clarify; not the good kind of nuts. Hatred of McCain is driving the movement Right into cloud cukoo land.

The Leninist slogan in opposition is "The worse the better." That is, drive conditions to the worst possible so as to sew the ground for Communist takeover. That is the current posture of Rush, Mark Levin, the sainted Laura Ingraham and about 25% of the movement conservatves. Leninism ought not be emulated by the party of Burke.

This is madness. To wish an electoral defeat on the Republicans this year because John McCain, war hero and pro-life Arizona Senator with a 83 life-time ACU rating is too liberal is akin to cutting off one's feet because your shoes are too tight. No amount of illegal Mexicans is going to be as damaging to the Country as one legal Clinton.

I like McCain because he is funny and brave and his slogan is "No Surrender" and says things like he will chase Osama to the Gates of Hell. He visibily gives off every indication of wanting to throttle the Islamo-Fascists with his bare hands. That's what I'm looking for in a President. Moreover, I sense doom on a broom in Hillary and want to win in November. But even if I did not like him I would not wish the Democrats on the country.

I do not know Rachel Lucas. I only saw this on Instapundit, but she completely captures a rational conservative view of McCain. Get a grip people, I don't even know you! Also, I am fond of doberman's, guns and low taxes.


Anonymous said...

Niche a blog

Xrlq said...

83% conservative is nice, but not if the First Friggin' Amendment is part of the other 17%.

Dave S. said...

Leninism ought not be emulated by the party of Burke.

Doesn't Norquist keep a picture of Vladimir Ilych on his wall?

Based on what TPM is reporting, it looks like McCain Derangement Syndrome is in full swing on the right. And I don't sense it's based on the First Amendment issue either, important as that is.

The big question is "if not McCain, then who?" Just what does your ilk want, JJV? Besides guns and low taxes, and a Doberman if you insist. Fine breed.

Anonymous said...

Killed the most commies? are you kidding me? I think that was Charlie Wilson's motivation in getting arms to the Afghans. If you know anything about that story, you know that "commies" are not are big enemy anymore (like, since the 80s?).

jjv said...

MLR is correct that the Communists are not a big enemy anymore but we still have among us people who chose their actions, like Charlie Wilson, in that epic struggle. I always look for the most ardent Cold Warrior as I think having the good judgment to fight the Communists when much of the elite gave up or collaborated is a good bench mark for who I should support today.

Dave S. said...

As always, JJV has in his hand a list of all elite collaborators and surrenderers.

I always interpret JJV's "Commies" to mean whatever bogeyman is currently at the top of the list. It's the fallback smear for people of his ilk. MLR is correct that "Commies" have not actually been "the Communists" since the 80s.

I am always struck, incidentally, by the ability of certain people to refer to the late-80s "collapse of Communism" and seemingly ignore the paltry billion or so Chinese who are still technically Communist. On that note, I have always considered "ChiCom" a fantastic term, and I'm not just saying that to have a single point of agreement with my co-blogger.

Anonymous said...

You're going to need a new benchmark for picking your candidates if it's linked to the Cold War. Many of the current candidates weren't old enough to fight the Cold War. McCain's looking older and more tired every day.

I'd give you that I like McCain's approach to the current fight, but, unlike suck-up Dave (who admittedly has to deal with you on more of a day-to-day basis), I really hate agreeing with you on anything, at least not in writing. :)

Dave S. said...
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Dave S. said...

"Suck-up"?! Do you have any idea how much it hurts me to agree, however coincidentally not to mention in writing, with the distinguished blogger from [redacted]?

The Cold War was a good enough benchmark then and by God it's a good enough benchmark now. Anyone who says otherwise is a dirty sneaking Commie.