Saturday, March 01, 2008

Barack Obama-Apologies Lennon and McCartney.

I was noticing all the music videos Barack Obama inspires, from Obama Girl to the original Yes We Can Video, to the new Spanish Si Se Puede with Jessica Alba. (If you could link to these Dave it would be awesome!). Anyway I wrote the lyrics to Barack Obama! but not being a musician I just borrowed "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles under the same principles of parody and fair use as noted by the Supreme Court in Falwell v. Flynt.

Barack Obama, Liberals at your feet,
Wonder how you manage Hillary’s defeat?
Rezko finds the money? When you pay for ads?
Did you think that money was not bad?

Friday night a meeting with your sages.
Sunday morning Russert just for fun.
Monday’s papers learned to sing your praises.
See how you run!

Barack Obama! Better than the rest.
Wonder if you’ll manage to pass the test.

See How you run!
Barack Obama, in states of Red.
Listen to “Yes We Can” playing in your head.

Tuesday’s victories are never ending.
Wednesday morning recount didn’t come.
Thursday night your donors needed tending.
See How You Run.

Barack Obama, Liberals at your feet,
Wonder how you manage Hillary’s defeat?


Anonymous said...

JJV, I hardly know ya. Effing brilliant. I mean it. Well done. I actually thought Dave S. posted this until I got to "Posted by..." (That's a compliment, btw.)

It's even more clever than WFAN producer Al Dukes's "The Mets Signed Johan," sung to the tune of "I want to hold your hand," and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a great idea! Your fans are waiting, Mr. V.