Sunday, March 02, 2008

JJV's Wish, Inexplicably, Is My Command

Every so often I ungrind my teeth and marvel at my most prolific co-blogger's almost charming HTML naivete. Just to run up his tab with me (as if he will ever pay), I have decided to indulge his request from his most recent post.

1) When it comes to Obama Girl, there's rather a lot to choose from.

2) Barack the Builder says "Yes, We Can!"

Someone figured that McCain would want to respond in kind, no doubt from listenting to all those stump speeches:

3) You can imagine how my arm twisted out of its socket when requested to search for a Jessica Alba video. However, I saw nothing on a cursory search of YouTube and felt that a more, um, general search might lead me astray. Sorry about that. Those who want to find know how to seek.

Update 3/4/08: JJV points me to this link for the Alba Obama action. No wonder I didn't find it. I will hold my nose and link accordingly but will take the opportunity to suggest that the site's proprietress is probably wine-blogging the TX and OH primary returns as we speak. If you go there, watch for vortexes of self-absorption and be aware that only she knows what anything means, anywhere, anytime.

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