Monday, March 17, 2008

Is Next, Rehab!

Having taken a graduate class in (at the time) Soviet demographics with the great (and greatly and rightfully pessimistic) Murray Feshbach while at Georgetown, the only surprise about the introduction of ladies' vodka to Russia is that it was not done sooner.

I cannot say that I started this evening with the faintest of hopes to drive JJV's latest - and possibly greatest, and that is saying something - execrable rant further down the page, but the luck of the Irish holds for a couple more hours. Devoting 90% of the iPod commute to the Pogues has paid off nicely.


jjv said...

I always knew you would back federally subsidized prostitution. I have once again staked out a lonely position against.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why I am a big Dave S. fan. ; P Most politicians are already whoring with lobbyists, on the taxpayers' tab.

But I digress.

Thank you, Dave.