Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dear is Thy Homestead, Glade and Mammoth Trap

According to a recent news item, Earth's human population was reduced to about 2,000 at some point in the distant past. JJV observed that this is approximately the population of our alma mater, and in subsequent correspondence we agreed on a couple of things (shocking but true):

1) Based on our collegiate non-exploits we would not have contributed to the repopulation of the earth in any significant fashion; and

2) The population of Hamilton, transported hypothetically to prehistoric times, would have been well equipped to weather any Ice Age, based on the preponderance of Norwegian fishing sweaters and heated-seat Saabs on campus.


jjv said...

On the other hand we would have made great strides in the GPA of early man.

Anonymous said...

Your logic is a bit flawed, but a funny post. So glad to have you back, Dave. Just whatever you do, don't wear that red shirt!

Dave S. said...

JJV, you would have graduated Cro-Magnon cum laude. Ba-DUMP!

J, given that I strive for teh funny over teh logical I feel that was on target. The problem is that Laura claims I look good in red. Oddly, she told me that right after my insurance policy got upgraded. I figure as long as I don't wear the black high-water pants I'll be OK.