Friday, May 02, 2008

Et Tu, Pepperidge Farms?

For a clear-eyed conservative view of the economy and, by extention, politics, I highly recommend The Cunning Realist. Every once in a while he runs a post called (approximately) Inflation Watch, in which he publishes reader contributions noting price increases for groceries etc. I sent one in recently noting that our office vending machine has downsized its Snickers bars and M&M packages without downsizing the price.

Also, one recent morning while fixing cinnamon raisin toast for Fiona's breakfast I noticed that the slices seemed thicker, and confirmed this with her. This is something other contributors had noticed (fewer slices per loaf means you have to buy more loaves), and my observation is that this is a very clever way to move the ratchet forward while disguising it as an improvement in living standards. "My, what luxuriously thick toast this is!" This is exactly the kind of reaction a five-year-old might have, and I suspect this is what the "apres moi le deluge" crowd is expecting.

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