Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Inappropriately early ads for holiday stuff? Check.

CVS full of lights, tinsel and cards? Check.

Monks of rival denominations scuffling in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem? Check. The holiday season has begun!

Tip o' the kamilavka, once again, to my intrepid contact in the world of Eastern Orthodoxy. When I remarked that the monks should just go ahead and schedule the brawl, and do it in a neutral location like, say, a Lutheran church, he suggested they could call it "The Thrilla with a Kadila," explaining, "For those of you who do not speak churchese, a kadila is the incense burner, attached by chains, and used with deadly accuracy by Eastern Christians-Greeks, Russian, Armenians etc."


J. said...

Bah humbug.

I thought there was a strict rule re NO HOLIDAY (i.e., CHRISTMAS) DECORATIONS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING. Clearly, possibly due to this being an election year, many spoken and unspoken promises have been broken. What's next, the Tooth Fairy taking your teeth while they are still in your mouth?!

Btw, love "The Thrilla with a Kadila" concept. EMM, maybe you can suggest appropriate garb for the match?

EMM said...

I abhor post Halloween Christmas....and I love Holidays. I agree, AFTER Thanksgiving, and removed no later than the weekend after New Year's day.

Thanks J for making me the P4500 fashion guru. No offense to the boys, I was the obvious choice.

I like a "short skirt and a long jacket" for this one. Leather, with stiletto boots. Kind of a Condi goes to Germany Matrix vibe. But, the jacket is lined in Cardinal Red.

Mike Sauter said...

Despite the ever-earlier Xmas marketing and point-of-purchase displaymongering, thankfully the aggressive store-door bell ringers haven't followed suit. Those of us with tinnitus can rejoice that 'tis not quite yet the season.

J. said...

Love the "short skirt, long jacket" reference, EMM. Did you catch the song in "Waitress"? Brilliant.

Next time I'm in town (post the holidays), you can take me shoe shopping. : )

Mike Sauter said...

I take it all back. The bell-ringers have invaded my area.

Dave S. said...

Mike, it was only a matter of time. On the other hand I suspect brawling monks are louder, so count your blessings.

Have you always had tinnitus?