Friday, December 12, 2008

My Name Is John Wayne

Absolutely incredible story (hat tip Gorgomons). The Washington Post does a great job here. Twelve men against hundreds. A stirring victory against horrific odds. Not only is he a Green Beret but his first two names are "John Wayne." I do wish I knew how to embed links because I would link to the movie John Wayne is reviled for the "Green Berets." The only pro-Vietnam movie made during the Vietnam war. Afghanistan is going to be a tough nut and we have sent some pretty hard core guys there.


Anonymous said...

Good read. Reminds me of the odds faced by Danjou & his boys:

Anonymous said...

I'm supprised this came from the Post. Normally, their headlines read: "Hundreds of Civlians Die When Air Force Bombs Mud Huts"

Good read though.

Dave P.