Saturday, January 17, 2009

Annual Tradition, Resumed

There's something to offend everyone on this list. Heck, even Obama came in at #50.

Somehow we forgot to link to the 2008 list but the 2007 list is here.

Enjoy, then express outrage in comments.


J. said...

I didn't know about the list. Thanks Dave. I pretty much agree with their picks, though not necessarily with the order. I guess it depends on timing and geography and political persuasion. (Here in the New York Metro Area Eli Manning and Brett Favre are way up there right now, and I don't think Eli made the list, though I see Plax did.)

jjv said...

This guy evidently puts you on his list if you have ever said anything negative about buggery. Also, anyone who thinks Keith Olberman is most right can be trusted with nothing. A man who thinks Ron Fournier has made AP "right-wing" has lost a connection with planet earth.

EMM said...

The list only went to would have looked even more contrived to have Obama as a "look who almost made it to the top 50?".

I appreciate the nod to those of us who did not vote for Mr. Obama (but are still hoping for a successful term).

The city is festooned in flags & bunting, eagerly awaiting the festivities!

Anonymous said...

I know this is non-germane but as a subscriber (and number 2 fan) to P4500 I demand excellent coronation (I mean inaugural) coverage by your talented staff.

I also demand ... a shrubbery! A nice one.

Dave S. said...

I have to work, CRH will be in the thick of things, JJV is participating in a group reading of the collected works of Emmet Tyrell, EMM is being hospitable, and JCF, well, you know. So I am afraid our coverage will be less than up-to-the-minute.

We shall get you your shrubbery. (And not too expensive.) We might even be able to create a nice two-level effect, with a path running between them.

jjv said...

We will, after making the hard choices, no longer have a government that denies us shrubbery out of greed and an instinct to serve only special interests.