Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A B-52 Full of F-Bombs

I was unaware that Christian Bale has anger issues, as evidenced here (sound only, and for God's sake USE HEADPHONES):

On the other hand, it's got a good beat and you can tantrum to it (did I mention FOR GOD'S SAKE USE HEADPHONES):

Update 4/4: I don't know why I wasn't immediately reminded of The Skinhead Hamlet but here you go. Sadly, I cannot find an unexpurgated version out there, but for those of you cursing at home the other naughty word used is "wanker" and I think it's pretty obvious where to use that. F*cking w*nkers to try to clean that up.


Anonymous said...

He's off the deep end, anger wise.
OJ anyone?

I did kinda enjoy the remix though.. LoL .. "It's F#$King distracting ....Ohhh good".... very catchy.

Adding the Streisand clip was genius.

J. said...

What the f#($*&$k were you thinking, Dave?! I know you're a nice guy but what the F#($&$K?!

Seriously, was he the producers only choice? Really?

Dave S. said...

Seriously, was he the producers only choice? Really?

Hey, he's f#($*&$king Christian Bale! The f#($*&$king project would be all f#($*&$ked if they didn't f#($*&$king get Christian f#($*&$king Bale.

The first time I posted this f#($*&$king comment, f#($*&$king Blogger ate it. F#($*&$k!

CRH said...

I don't get it.

EMM said...

I'm all for dropping the F-Bomb, but it loses all effect when used 40 times in a tirade.

Holy F*%$ing Crybaby Batman!

Dave S., Mr. Bale was arrested (charges were never filed) in London last summer for an incident where he allegedly assaulted his mom and sister.

He needs some motherf&%#ing anger management.