Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"The Short End of the Freakin' Stick"

New York State residents know it as Utica (OK, strictly speaking, New Hartford or, less strictly, the Mohawk Valley). Behold:

Sadly the ladies in the back are given no opportunity to work the famous flat A's of the region ("Try this crAAAAAppy jAAAAAcket"). Amirite, EMM?

Feel free to leave your own comments but do check out the comments over at Wonkette.


jjv said...

Apparently, if this is a real ad, he wants to sell me a jacket!

Dave S. said...

Ripping Hillary in half probably sealed the deal for you, amirite?

EMM said...

Oh my f&^%ing gaaaaad, this is hysterical.

Dave S. you are so frikin' correct I caynt staind it (sound it out...I meant to spell it that way).

If I decide again to run to be the Jr. Senator from NY in 2010, I'd be a frikin' idiot if I did not visit this store. Amiright?

They need Christian Bale for their next ad campaign. Buy a f(*&ing jacket already you p%$#k!

Dave S. said...

Say it with me, EMM: