Tuesday, February 03, 2009

You Save A Lot of Pennies Not Paying Taxes.

I love this commercial so much the Joker would have an easier time ceasing to smile than I while watching it. Daschle, sturdy son of South Dakota and urr limosine liberal won every year by pork barrel and flummery of what he was up to in D.C. He will not go to HHS, instead he will make extra millions lobbying so his clients get maximum gelt from the government takeover of medicine.


J. said...

No one died because of Daschle's limo ride.

Not saying what he did or didn't do was right. It wasn't, though not a crime. But when stacked against starting a war, sacrificing thousands of lives, and helping to bankrupt the American economy, Daschle's lack of judgment (or inflated ego or above-it-ness or lobbying) pales compared to some (Republicans) I could mention.

Btw, if he had been a Republican you would be arguing that the Dems had unfairly strung him up.

jjv said...

If he had been a Republican he would not have been nominated because we would know what he would face. Also, the non-sequitor about the war simply demonstrates how foolish Bush hatred is. Saddam Husein and Al Queda started a war. Bush finished it. That is why Iraq is one of the few bright spots in the middle east and little girls can go to school in Kabul. Oh yea, Cheney paid more in taxes and gave more as both a percentage of income and absolutely than any elected offical in government.