Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ripped from the Comments

Someone sounding like our own JJV has weighed in on my recent rant about the 2010 midterm elections. I will provide excerpts (while, I trust, staying within context; by all means police me) and comment thereon.
...when your policies drive red ink and also maintain high unemployment you have to suffer the consequences...
So I guess red ink plus deferred high unemployment gets a pass; that explains the absence of Tea Party activity before 2009. At any rate, my understanding is that unemployment would have been worse had a stimulus plan not been implemented, but I defer to the economists in the readership.
The tea party provided the energy for this election and probably lost the seats of Nevada and Delaware for the Republicans but the gains everywhere else would have been impossible without these folks. You can only think them crazy if the American Founding and a limited Federal Government is now deemed crazy.
Agreed to a certain point on the energy, which was directed and coopted for its own ends by the GOP. Regarding the American Founding, I was unaware of any cries of "Taxation without Representation!" except from the DC crowd. Meanwhile, any of those folks truly believing in limited government were strangely silent before 2009. If only we could put our finger on what it was about 2009 that suddenly awakened the great American public to the sudden cataclysmic danger.
Also, any suggestion that the media is pro-Tea Party can only be greeted by calls of mood modifying drugs being applied to the suggestor.
I'm with you on that one. Point me to the blogger who said that and I'll heap derision with the best of 'em. Lest it was unclear, my point was that the media exaggerated the grass roots nature of the Tea Party in its quest to report the conflict rather than the facts.


Charlene said...

Hey let's give these tea drinkers a chance. I'm quite anticipating the major changes those electected Nov 2 are going to put into effect.

But you can be certain I'm going to watch. I figure I'm going to watch them start drinking kool-aid instead of tea and in a few years when they run for their offices again, they may carry the label tea partier, but they'll be the same old GOP.

jjv said...

It was JJV. I lost my password and could not blog as myself. There is zero evidence the stimulous stopped an iota of unemployment. Also, there was discontent about Bush's spending which turned off a huge swath of voters in 2006 and 2008. However, it is looking real spending in the eye, combined with a CNN reporter giving it a name and rally cry that sparked it.