Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raising a Glass to 20 Years

I hope I am not stepping on my co-blogger JWT's toes here, but I would like to congratulate the Luther Happy Hour on twenty years of vague memories. Everyone on the blogroll, not a few of our commenters, and some of our children have been regular attendees at one point or another (except, well, this one and this one but hey, he's new and was here just a minute ago), and JWT himself was present at the creation. JJV, meanwhile, brought CRH and myself into the fold. This very blog was most honored to serve for a few precious months as one of the select means used to notify attendees of that week's location; these prose masterpieces (and I mean that) may be found here as well as via a link on the right side of the blog.

Happy Anniversary! I am pleased and honored to have been part of this tradition for so long. Here's to twenty more years, at which point we should really go grab dinner somewhere.

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EMM said...

It was wonderful to see everyone last night! Four from the masthead were present and accounted for.

Love, love, love Happy Hour Again by the HMs! Did you know that the tall blond one went on to become Fat Boy Slim?