Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hernia?! I just -- wait, that doesn't work

First of all, many thanks to EMM for her wonderful series of baseball posts. I freely admit that I am in the "stopped watching baseball after Game 5" category.

However, the strain of otherwise carrying the blog (and its increasingly massive masthead) on my shoulders and back finally took its toll, resulting in yesterday's visit to the friendly folks at Virginia Hospital Center to fix a hernia. EMM and CRH, that's what kept me away from Festivus on Saturday; I would much rather have been there than in the ER followed by an overnight stay to see if they could fit me in for surgery on Sunday.

Recovery is going fine so far, largely thanks to my wonderful wife Laura and my new little friend Percocet, and I have been careful to not make any personal or business decisions immediately following general anesthesia, which is kind of like time travel if you think about it while under the influence of Percocet.

I also want to thank CRH for the loan of John Scalzi's Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades, both of which I highly recommend. Sscalzi's blog is always worth a read and I have righted a great wrong by adding him to my blogroll.

With the additional forced free time I find myself experiencing, I may even be able to get a few more posts up over the weekend. Just remember to lift with the legs! (Oddly enough I always remembered this as "Bend at the knees, Hercules!" but it's still one of my favorite SNL sketches.)


Beastybunny said...

Oh dear, Dave! I wish you a speedy recovery.

jjv said...


Hope you get better soon but I'm sure it is more related to carrying water for Obama than the masthead.

Dave S. said...

Au contraire, JJV. As Jesus tells Pontius Pilate in The Master and Margarita, "Telling the truth is easy and pleasant." It's you and your ilk for whom I am frankly concerned, as the contortions required to square your support of Romney to whatever happens to come out of his mouth at any given moment have got to put a lot of strain on muscles, ligaments etc. I left the brain out since I haven't seen any evidence of its use.