Monday, October 29, 2012

Whedon Gives it To Us Straight!

I love seeing our beloved celebrities taking a stand and voicing their views on the current political scene. And who better to give it to us straight than Joss Whedon

I'm collecting my favorite spam recipes right now!

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Dave S. said...

Time to place my record collection in a handy location, too!

Unknown said...

Hi! I fancy your blog! I nomiated you for a blogger award over on my blog! You can click 'here' to see it.

jjv said...

Of course he talks Zombies when Obama is increasingly look in "dead man walking."

JCC said...

Dead man walking? Interesting. Most sites have President Obama winning the election. Karl Rove (!) has Obama leading in 281 EV worth of states (and that assumes that Romney takes both Virginia and Colorado). RCP has Obama with the same 281 EV. Huffington Post has Obama at 251 EV and also 97% likely to win Ohio (18 EV), 86% likely to win Iowa (6 EV), 83% likely to win New Hampshire (4 EV), 71% likely to win Colorado (9 EV), and 68% likely to win Virginia (13 EV). That's a substantial lead in 301 EV, and about an 83.4% chance of winning the required 270. Nate Silver at 538 is a bit more conservative, putting the over/under at 294.6 EV for Obama with a 72.9% chance of winning. Or if you prefer to follow the market, Betfair has Obama at 68%, Intrade has Obama at 63.2%. Of note there is that studies have shown that markets have a tendency to overestimate the underdog's chances.

For all the Fox News drum beating for Romney's supposed momentum, the polls have been moving Obama's way for the past couple of weeks. Nothing guaranteed, of course, and I'll be working as hard as I can to make sure that Virginia goes Obama's way next week. But it's a long, long way from "dead man walking."

And that's in an election that Laura Ingraham and her ilk consider a "gimme" election. She famously said if the Republicans lose this one, they should disband the party. I'm not going that far, but maybe you should consider that the Republican Party is "dead party running."

Dave S. said...

Forget it, JCC. It's Neocontown.