Monday, November 05, 2012

If You Have A Mine, You Didn't Build That!

There is no way on this Earth or Middle that I could resist posting here.   I expect the America of self-reliance is dead and President Obama is going to win tomorrow.  But the invincible powers that be often have weakness.   Like Obama, Smaug despoiled a once thriving economy and took all of the resources of the surrounding countryside into his lair.  He said to the Dwarfs  "If you have a mine, you didn't build that!"  All of the yeoman farmers and fisher folk, the small (literally) businessmen and the traditional relations between them were upset by his view that his needs came first.  Tomorrow we see if the thrush got to Romney.


Anonymous said...

Smaug wins! Laketown burns.

Anonymous said...

"a once thriving economy..." oh god that's the funniest shit ever!