Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Post-Factoblogging

Every year I make two pumpkin pies for the Orphans Thanksgiving our family (not to mention EMM, JWT, CRH, and JJV) attends.

Making pie crust is always stressful for me, but when your mom is a home economist by training AND makes the world's best pie crust, there is a tradition to uphold.

Usually the result is, to drop modesty for a moment, pretty good, although I will defer to those Orphans on the masthead and the commentariat, but it is not without the aesthetic drawbacks of the various patches reflecting the titanic struggle involved in transferring the crust from the pastry cloth to the pan. I call the result "Frankencrust."

However, this time there was almost no tearing and almost no swearing involved, and the pies are now cooling on the stove.

Tomorrow night, though, is the main event: the Seventh Annual Rutablogging! This will feature my first use of a hacksaw in a kitchen environment. Stay tuned!


EMM said...

Perfection! Can't wait...always so yummy. The potatoes are mashed and ready for tomorrow's additon of additional butter prior to reheating. So far my breakfast & lunch has considted of smoked salmon/dill dip and potatoes. Looking forward to the "official" holiday posting. Happy Cooking!

Beastybunny said...

They look wonderful Dave. Wish I could try them. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.