Monday, January 05, 2009

Marsupial Mercenaries Enter the Fray

As part of the continuing saga of the Global War on Squirrels (and vice versa), JWT reports that our fluffy-tailed nemeses appear to have recruited allies who apparently will make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve victory.

Meanwhile, in the Nobody Wins Department, our peanut feeder appears to have blown away during last week's high winds on New Year's Eve.


EMM said...

See...they ARE trying to kill us. Man the flues!

Dave S. said...

Our fireplace flue is opened and closed by a turny knob* on the front. I may need to install a high-speed motor for rapid response.

*Actual fireplace term and not at all made up

Anonymous said...

we have a turny knob too.

the winds knocked a dead tree from the neighbor behind us into our yard taking out 2 fence segments. spent 4 to 5 hours over the next 2 days cutting up a dead tree (about half a cord worth), fixing the fence and reminding myself how I detest manual labor.